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Ryu(default name) is an ordinary guy who gets involved in not so ordinary things. Working as a bartender and living a somewhat monotone and idle life with his sister and mother he rarely sees due to her work obligations.

One night Ryu finds himself in a peculiar dream that turns to be something far more life changing. From an idle life he is involved and brought into a world of fantasy and conflict. 

Question is, will he manage to juggle between the two worlds and two different ways of life, whilst in service of a goddess who's only concern is her restoration to power and domination?


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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/672282691084877864/975872687274590268/unk...found an interesting dialog that i believe my charactor should be saying 

Ah yes... le bugz! Thanks for report mate.

Eh, Rory '-'



am gonna try it out heck I'll even sub to patron



Thanks fr the support. *Hands over Rory as a prize*




Yet another great find

Ara, ara.


Wait is there a separate prolonge because when I finish it it put me in the new apartment or house I just confused what happened before mc got his eye (or after because of the jump prolonge) I met rin in the Cafe talking about beheading the mc and all girls back story

Nay, nay. That's a bug. I'm about to upload a bug fix. DL that one and start a new game then. Cause with current bug you can skip 2 hours worth content due to it <.<

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Oh haha well thanks I thought the dev is so lazy that they just skip the most important part of the story welp gonna download and enjoy the game 

(btw love the game just the bug that actually got me} 

Ps. There is a bug on mc sister (forgot the name of it) quest of after she kiss you the quest is stuck there I been skipping the days and cannot get the quest triggered. hope the bug fix is also covered that one

Yeah, don't worry. The bug fix makes sure you can't skip straight to chapter 3, cause that really messes stuff up. I went through stuff before uploading just in case, couldn't find anything so that's good I suppose. But by all means if you bump into something again, feel free to notify me I'll deal with it as fast as I can.

P.S Feel free to join the discord server for easier communication as well, faster way to reach me rather than here.

is there VA?


Voice acting

No sadly. Sorry.


That's a shame, thanks for taking time to reply

No problem man.


picture at top of the page is that Rory from The Gate anime cause if it is sign me up :D

Damn right it is. Rory waifu <3

I love you already, and I haven't even played the game yet. Rory waifu <3


My man... damn right. <3 


I see you mystic and I'll follow you here as well. See you on F :D

My man... :D


Hyped 🔥

Damn glad to hear that! It will be a VN but with Free Roaming and events just to give more info.


Interesting,I played a lot of sandbox-like and meaningful choice-like vns but this one,I feel it'll be somehow... unusual in a good way

Ahem. x) Yeah, probably so. 


just wondering is there approximate release date for when it will first be released for free

Pretty soon given my work pace. That being said I'd rather not make a specific date as it can happen that I'll delay it for a day or two. But you can join my discord server to easily be notified about it! 


i was just asking for a estimated releases because i do know sometimes it can be sooner or it could be delayed from a few days to longer depending on the delay reason.