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"We all try to run from our past, either due to regrets or mistakes. But can you is the question, and if so...what happens once it catches up again?"

Just Once is a visual novel in progress, focused on romance and life i suppose. Just once is written from a male perspective, and as such despite the ability of choosing your own name, its main character is a MALE.

JUST ONCE will be available for PC's and Smartphones(Android) - (IOS Is not planned yet).

If you enjoy it, and wish to support my work and encourage further work like this, i have a patreon account!


Install instructions

PC Users:

Download, extract and run the exe.


Download, install the .apk and run it.


JustOnce-0.8-pc.zip 55 MB
Just Once for ANDROID 56 MB

Development log


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Hey, this vn is good actually, no jokes. The narrator part make it more interesting but I gotta admit there's a few mistakes. I cried a little at the end. May I know what is the title of the song or is it an original? Anyway hope to see more of your works.


Hi, when is the next update? I really like the story and I hope it won't be postponed or cancelled

I'm afraid I'm somewhat stretched between writing my if gamess / books, and working on K:O along with another project. So at the current moment I can't find the time for additional work I'm afraid. 

Hence I've paused the work on this, but don't worry it won't be cancelled nor abandoned. That I can say for certain. 


Thanks for replying. I am happy that it is just paused and not what I have feared hahaha. I can wait for the next update and take as much time as you needed doing other projects. Thanks for not abandoning this game. Thanks again!

No problem! By the way, feel free to join the discord server. I'm more easier to reach there in case you want.


May I ask for the discord link? Haha sorry for bothering you too much

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Yeah, of course. And don't worry about it, more than happy to chit-chat! 

https://discord.gg/qEUx5yp    - There you go!


I would like this to be in female perspective because I think it would be fun for us to play as male and female. 

Sadly i can't make this one in female perspective. But there are more on the way where you will be able to do that. :)

Hope that satisfies. 


thank you


Just a side note: There were also quite a few typos in the game text itself, so just be aware of that, when you're working on editing.


First off, just let me say I like the main menu's opening. It was really pretty sounding for the voice and the look of the main menu's backdrop /title was nice. Although the J and U were partially hidden behind the options /side bar. Just something for you to keep in mind.

On pressing start - the song from the main menu didn't stop right away. You might want to work on making sure of stopping that in the coding, unless that was intentional. 

I absolutely love how the sprite for the woman fits well with the backdrops in the game, and the narrator cutting in so far is fun and keeps it interesting. 

Good luck with your project!