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"Well it's quite a bit more complex than your obnoxious brain is making it out to be."

Life of The Devil, or LOTD in short. 

So, what happens when the devil gets "reincarnated"?

Or matter of fact, how does it feel like to be The Devil at all? Find out yourself, LOTD is a visual novel in progress where YOU(the player, obviously) will play as Lucifer himself, how devilish indeed.

Game currently contains small demo for preview, as always any sort of feedback is welcome. Off you go now, start your devilish adventures.

Sneak Peeks, Early Previews and the rest will be available on Patreon:

M.C Games Patreon

LOTD is currently available for PC only, but Android is planned as well.

Install instructions

Extract and run.


lotd-0.0.2-pc.zip 97 MB

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